Services Provided

Because I am not attempting to be your primary care physician or your psychiatrist, your first visit will be much like a visit to an urgent care facility. I will take a brief history and examine you for things which are pertinent to the reason for your visit.

  1. If you have kept the tick and brought it with you, I will give you information on reliable labs you can send it for testing.
  2. I will explain the various protocols for treatment and, together, we will select the appropriate protocol for you.
  3. Because antibiotics can clear some of the good bacteria from your digestive tract (your “biome”),
    I will also make recommendations for maintaining the health of your biome with specific probiotics
    and dietary changes.
  4. When you complete your treatment (which will be approximately one month after your exposure),
    I will discuss with you the possibility of ordering antibody tests looking for co-infections. We will talk about the usefulness of the Lyme test at this point, as well as tests for co-infections.
  5. Depending on what we find, I will either treat you, send you home to continue in health with
    proper vigilance, or refer you to another Lyme literate physician.
  6. There is a need for education with Lyme disease, its prevention, and its co-infections. I will be
    happy to provide the information you need. You will also find many useful links on the Links page
    of this website.


I do not participate in any health insurance network so I will be asking you to pay at the time of service by check or cash, or online via PayPal before your visit. If your health insurance covers out-of-network doctors, I will give you an invoice with proper codes for reimbursement so you can submit it to your insurance provider.

Other Services for Advanced Lyme Patients

I also see patients with Lyme and/or co-infections whose visits and care are of a different nature. These patients have neurologic complications of Lyme that create cognitive and emotional problems. These “neuro- psychiatric” problems can include loss of attention, concentration and memory as well as mood issues or symptoms that look like obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I help patients deal with the emotional burdens of this illness, and the difficulties it creates in their personal and work lives. I prescribe antibiotics or herbal remedies and supplements for help eradicating the bacteria, and when patients require intravenous therapy, I refer to a colleague who will manage this.

I interface with whatever doctors need to be involved as well as with family when necessary. I order and interpret various tests and provide a mixture of talk-therapy and holistic psychiatric and Lyme care.