Keeping Track of Labs

A major challenge in this day and age when patients see many doctors, and have lab tests and imaging tests done at different centers, is keeping track of it all.

I advise all my patients to keep their own charts!

Ask doctors for copies of any lab tests they have done on you. Ask for reports of MRIs, CTs, bone densities, etc.

And then the big challenge: how to keep it organized.

I suggest that you do yourself a big favor if you, or someone you trust, puts all your results, as well as your medications, in a spreadsheet.

The beauty of this is that it allows you and your physician to follow trends. It is important not just to know that a test is normal, it is important that it has moved from the low end to the high end.

To help you keep track, I have made spreadsheet templates which I encourage you to use.

Attached here are links to downloadable spreadsheets that you can fill out on your computer or by hand, copying results from labs that you have just had, or filling in what you’ve had to date. This is especially helpful for people with complex illnesses, or unclear diagnoses.

Good luck!