Lyme and Psychiatric Illness: Jane Marke, MD at Central Mass Lyme Foundation Conference

In September of this year, Dr. Marke, who has made a subspecialty of treating patients with tick-borne disease, gave a lecture before the Central Massachusetts Lyme Foundation’s Annual Conference. She was on a panel with other esteemed physicians treating Lyme Disease: Dr. Kenneth Liegner, Dr. Daniel Cameron, and Dr. Elena Frid, as well as Dr. … Continue reading “Lyme and Psychiatric Illness: Jane Marke, MD at Central Mass Lyme Foundation Conference”

Natural Bug Sprays

What’s the story with natural bug sprays? Especially, essential oils? In fact, what are essential oils? Essential oils are the distillation of the ingredients from plants that give them their smell, such as citrus or rose. There are many recommendations online about essential oil bug sprays. This DIY (Do It Yourself) bug spray is a … Continue reading “Natural Bug Sprays”

IDSA Lyme guidelines removed from NGC; ILADS guidelines still there!

Great News! We all know there has always been great controversy around the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease.  This controversy was between the IDSA-Infectious Disease Society of America– and the general community of health care clinicians out in the field, seeing tens of thousands of patients.  ILADS was formed by these clinicians to further … Continue reading “IDSA Lyme guidelines removed from NGC; ILADS guidelines still there!”

If you get bit, test the tick!

August 12, 2015 This month, the Centers for Disease Control published a new study ( revealing tick populations continue to spread in various parts of the country.  But whether you visit those places or not, ticks can come to you, carried either by wild animals (deer and mice) or domestic (dogs and cats).  Within my … Continue reading “If you get bit, test the tick!”

Tick Season Is Here – Choose The Right Repellent!

Well, tick season is well upon us; the calls are coming in already.  Nymphs emerged early, and with them, all the tick-borne diseases. Some news:  There’s a new concern about ticks developing tolerance to Permethrin, but still, it’s the best prevention we have.  Treat all clothes which you will wear in grasses with Permethrin.  I … Continue reading “Tick Season Is Here – Choose The Right Repellent!”

Lyme activism event

I participated in my first Lyme activism event on September 19, 2014! The protest was for more complete reporting on the Lyme pandemic and was staged in front of the NY Times building as a symbolic statement. I was interviewed by the NY Times reporter on Infectious Diseases, Donald G. McNeil Jr. at the protest. … Continue reading “Lyme activism event”


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