Tick Season Is Here – Choose The Right Repellent!

Well, tick season is well upon us; the calls are coming in already.  Nymphs emerged early, and with them, all the tick-borne diseases.

Some news:  There’s a new concern about ticks developing tolerance to Permethrin, but still, it’s the best prevention we have.  Treat all clothes which you will wear in grasses with Permethrin.  I highly suggest using the military wash, and drying outdoors, if possible.  This will last many washings.

DEET is not as effective as icaridin/picaridin and even citiridiol.  It’s greasy, and smelly, and people don’t like using it, so compounds which contain these ingredients are more palatable, as well as more effective. citriodiol is also known as lemon eucalyptus and icaridin/picardin is also known as saltidin


If you choose DEET, choose the longest lasting brand, not the strongest. A higher percentage of DEET won’t help you if it wears off.

And don’t forget, shower as soon as you come in, and do a tick check!